Scratch Building A Passenger Station. Build Model Train Layouts For Less! to purchase my n scale scratch built stuff. This is just a few basic techniques for scratch building. Save money and make unique str…
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15 Responses to Scratch Building A Passenger Station. Build Model Train Layouts For Less!

  • perth45 says:


  • Quinntopia says:

    Some really nice tips, and a great looking station as a result! Thanks for
    sharing this! 

  • Bill Davis says:

    Great video I really enjoyed it.

  • ModelerManMike says:

    I may have to put up some scratch building! 🙂 I just have kit video’s.
    Scratching is just a bit much to get on video I think. Thanks for sharing
    DJ, much appreciated.

  • monon1971 says:

    hey thanks for the video. I plan on doing some of this in the future.

  • djstrains says:

    my first scratch build was using cardboard from a cereal box. It is a cheap
    way to really practice scratchbuilding. I am using more foam board now than
    ever. I was lucky enough to take coal trains down the NS youngstown line to
    the harbor at ashtabula years ago. I even took a bunch of pictures from
    those times.

  • djstrains says:

    I subscribed and watch his videos. He does great work.

  • djstrains says:

    Merry Christmas!

  • djstrains says:


  • A.J. Kleipass says:

    DJ, I was wondering what the source of that L-shaped scale ruler is. I’ve
    been looking for one, but both Creative Horizons and Fassett Studios are
    out of business.

  • John Whitinger says:

    Hello from just up the road in Youngstown! I have always been a little
    intimidated in scratch-building structures with windows. I like the
    satisfaction (and price) of DIY buildings and I recently finished a
    lighthouse based on the one in Ashtabula harbor. Since the windows are all
    boarded up, I didn’t have to worry about the windows. I use cardstock and
    foamboard as I find it a bit easier to work with and cheaper too. Keep up
    the great videos!

  • adam9k9 says:

    Looks great

  • djstrains says:

    I had too much on my brush, and I tilted it wrong while doing it and
    gravity worked against me 🙂

  • Mike Day says:

    DJ, your videos are always fun and educational. Keep up the good work!

  • Niell Gorman says:

    Great video! I just started watching your videos and look forward to them
    every week. Interesting about the model cement, I use Model Master brand
    myself. It lhas a needle thin applicator and I find it doesn’t look too bad
    if I accidentally get some on the clear plastic “glass”…


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