– See a preview of Bill Heiden’s Milwaukee Road model railroad – one of the layouts on tour at the NMRA National convention in Grand Rapids the end of July. Bill’s layout…
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23 Responses to Bill Heiden’s Milwaukee Road Railroad | Grand Rails 2012 | Model Railroad Hobbyist

  • Peter CPRail8748 says:

    Exceptional layout. Just epic. 

  • Robin Atkinson says:

    This is a true engineering masterpiece it is at the peak of the hobby,I
    have bookmarked your railway on my PC and no doubt I will be viewing your
    work time and time again .All the best Rob Atkinson .United Kingdom.

  • Chef Jeff Tendick says:

    You make me jealous! I model N-Scale but have yet to find a house situation
    stable enough to complete a full layout. I have a large enough basement
    here, 16′ by 35′, and actually had an operating, truncated layout, (some
    100 ft. of mainline), of the Milwaukee Road, which along with C&NW forms
    the core of my favorite two railroads. ONE DAY, I believe, I will have
    possession of a house for enough time to complete my ‘dream layout’.

    Cheers, and great work!!!

  • ICONS OF FILTH says:

    You call your layout decent, I call it AMAZING!!!! 

  • Grainexpress says:

    This is fantastic! Most excellent layout! I wouldn’t say its one of the top
    ten layouts though. I think its in the top 5!

  • Vanessa Heiden says:

    Hi all, This is Bill’s wife…layout is getting a face lift.. We have added
    a 15×15 room of the basement walkout..bro he is expanding..

  • Ken Roble Jr (Beatleman69) says:

    I am speechless, that is such awsome work you did on that layout, those
    tressels are just awsome!!!!

  • Coral Bay RR says:

    just too incredible. your attention to detail, is superb. you have
    without any doubt, one of the top ten layouts on you tube. your scenery is
    exquisite. it appears too real to be just a model. 

  • Kris Kozub says:

    Loop creek canyon looks awesome. I especially like the feel of trains
    climbing the bitterroots. 

  • Ray Avedian says:


  • BossSpringsteen69 says:


  • driline says:

    I grew up with the Milwaukee Road here in Davenport, and Bettendorf Iowa.
    1985 saw the end of it with SOO purchasing the line here locally. Great
    looking layout. You don’t see layouts like that with that many bridge
    supports. Nicely done.

  • Bobbie Jamboretz says:

    Nice job on the scenery. Great job.

  • mike stanford says:

    how did u marry in the mid train unit an helpers in rear

  • washingtonnorthern says:

    REALLY love this layout. Bill has done a wonderful job of capturing the
    feel of the prototype, and those trestles……WOW!

  • Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine says:

    The video is all there is – it’s part of a special layout tours preview for
    the Grand Rails convention. We’d love to have more about Bill’s layout in a
    future issue … but there’s not much in the magazine except the video this

  • tacomamike2005 says:

    WOW…what a awesome layout..

  • SatchmoSings says:

    Stupid presentation because the gauge was not listed; this is the elitism
    of a real snot-nose.

  • teddybeareleventeen says:

    I love it!! Bill that is some incredible work you have there! I’m also
    building my first big layout after a 5 x 12′, but it’s still plywood
    central at the moment. I have now got some serious inspiration thanks to
    you! Great work Bill, keep it comin’!!

  • sp8192 says:

    Wow!!! Quite amazing! Such attention to detail!

  • trijet200 says:

    He said in the video it’s 1/87th scale. (HO). No need to be a punk about it.

  • duckdogger says:

    Excellent work on the trestles.

  • challenger3999 says:

    Fantastic layout!


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