Filmpje van mijn Marklin modelbaan. Op deze baan rijden allerlei merken en als aansturing wordt een ESU ECoS icm het programma koploper gebruikt. De S88 terugmelders zijn van het merk RoSoft…
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Decided to shoot some video at the Balboa Park Train Museum. It is the largest model train club in the Nation, according to their website. I’ve had a lot of people around me – making lots…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

11 Responses to 18 min Marklin modeltreinen/Marklin Modellbahn/Marklin modeltrains

  • populierendreef says:

    Geweldig saaie video……Sorry.

  • Bert Sendobry says:

    prima Video !

  • Jürgen Butscher says:

    Sehr schöne Anlage mit realistischem Schienenverkehr gepaart mit
    verblüffenden Lichteffekten und Hintergrundsound. Prima !

  • Texas Hi-Railer says:

    Looks like they made some major changes at Balboa Park Train Museum since I
    was there in 91′ because there is some footage here of things that weren’t
    there when I was there last?

  • Calvertfilm says:

    I think model trains work really well when actual sounds are added. Very
    realistic as the sound isn’t tinny. Good job sir.

  • Texas Hi-Railer says:

    Why do so many model train museums & model train clubs go to such
    pain-staking details on some layouts yet they don’t bother with stringing
    the utility poles for realism?

  • kuhltwo says:

    I was part of the scenery crew that built the Carrizo Gorge and most of the
    surrounding scenery. Nice to see it after all these years. I left San Diego
    at the end of 1994.

  • raimundo guedes says:

    trem eletricos 

  • Silver1Sprg says:

    @paullubliner COOL! I did not know that. I”m born and raise in San Diego
    and a train “freak”. You’d think I’d know that. LOL

  • trainOholic says:

    very nice man 5* maby for audio you can add in your own audio from you own
    videos form the real deal

  • Silver1Sprg says:

    @tikitan100 Thank you so much for your kind remarks ref: the sound effects.
    I worked hard looking for some good sounds and the people at the La Mesa
    Club were incredible!!!! They allowed me to move my camera anywhere I
    wanted to go – from the front to behind the scenes. I will see if they are
    as good to me as they were on this trip when I visit my old home town next
    time in San Diego.


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