NEW 2pcs 330 Yard Electric Remote Dog Training Collar Rechargeable Shock

NEW 2pcs 330 Yard Electric Remote Dog Training Collar Rechargeable Shock

  • – 4 modes: static shock/ vibration/ beep/ light
  • – 100 levels of vibration and static
  • – Rechargeable collar remote and receiver
  • – Adjustable strap, fits neck sizes from 14 to 23inches
  • – Water Resistant Collar Receiver

As pets owners, we know that dogs got different “personality”, we need try to cultivate them with good habits and behaviors. Excessive barking, Peeping in the middle of the street, Bit sofa and pillow, Being aggressive, even savaging chickens and ducks in the yard. All these make you crazy, you got answer to solve this issue when you find our dog training collar. Package Contents: – 1 x Transmitter – 2x Receiver – 2x Nylon Belt – 1 x Charging Cable – 1 x Charger – 1 x Test Bulb – 1 x Prongs, – 8

List Price: $ 36.49

Price: $ 36.49

800 Meters New Design & Waterproof Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar With LCD Screen And Diverse Modes

800 Meters New Design & Waterproof Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar With LCD Screen And Diverse Modes

  • Color: Gold
  • Modes: Vibration, Sound, Flash etc.
  • Suitable for: small, medium, and large dogs fits.
  • Distance Remote control: up to 800 meters, Intensity adjustable in all modes from 0 to 7 levels.
  • Design: Waterproof collar receiver and transmitter for training, energy saving design with automatic standby mode and memory function makes it easy to use.


1.Multi-function training modes, vibration, beep and automation etc.
Dog trainer collar, special mode automation,
the trainer can be activated automatically when the dog barks.
  2.Easy to use, ergonomic transmitter. LCD is provided for viewing mode, level, channel and battery status.
3. Power saving: Designed with automatic standby and memory function.
4. Anti barking collar, Suitable for small, medium, and large size dog to wear.

List Price: $ 43.39


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