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Trying to decide on a choice for a hobby can be a little challenging because there are so many to select from. One can simplify this task if your desire is to find a pastime which will allow you to be creative, and involve yourself with an activity that you can share with friends and family. Model railroading certainly meets these criteria and is also recognized as the worlds greatest hobby.

After deciding on the model train scale that you want to build your layout around your next step will be to make a trip to your local model train hobby shop. Before you actually leave the comfort of your home to buy your very first trains and accessories you must choose a manufacturer whose products appeal to you most. One of the better choices is Fleischmann model trains.

This company has definitely been around for awhile and has an excellent history of manufacturing products of the highest quality. Located in Germany with its doors to the public opening in 1887, Fleischmanns first efforts focused on creating a variety of different types of toys. It wasnt until 1949 that it introduced its first model train which was the O scale, and then the HO scale in 1952, followed by what is known as their Piccolo N scale in 1969.

If Fleischmann model trains has an edge on its competitors it is in knowing that model railroaders have always had a strong desire to control the operation of the trains which they run in their layouts. Fleischmann introduction of their Ho scale train at Nuremburg Toy Fair was predicated on the premise of giving model train hobbyist the freedom to determine the direction of model train technology in advance.

For the Ho model, Fleischmann introduced what is known as two rail DC, whose primary characteristic is its durable metal tracks. These tracks have been perfected over the years and continue to be a first choice by model railroaders world wide as is Fleischmans Ho scale train. In fact, the Ho scale is without question the scale that is most frequently selected by hobbyist at all levels of experience. The decision by Fleischmann to manufacture Ho scale trains speaks strongly to their market intuitiveness as it relates to its competitive posture in the model railroading industry.

It may be true that Fleischmann produces a limited number of scales, but the companies choice to manufacture certain train scales demonstrates a clear understanding of which are most desired by hobbyist who are committed to this pastime.

Another excellent example would be their N scale Piccolo model train. The scale size is typically 1:148 smaller than the actual real life prototype. This size translates to a perfect choice for model train hobbyist who have limited space for their layouts. Not only does this smaller scale allow hobbyist to create their layouts on a much grander scale, the size of the N scale reflects a higher degree of detail. The only drawback is that this is not a scale which would be recommended for children as the scale size would make handling difficult.

Fleischmann model trains continues to be at the forefront of the model railroading industry because of its attention to detail with its products and also their durability

Elliot Davenport has been a model train enthusiast for several years, and enjoys devoting his time to teaching others about this amazing pastime. He offers some indispensable free resources at his website that include a 12 day mini-course, which was specifically written for the beginner and intermediate hobbyist, and a popular weekly model railroading newsletter. For more information visit:


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